Fun with Noodles & Kickboards

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 10507)

Some fun moves with noodles and kickboards!

SWING! Get your participants to partner up. Intertwine 2 noodles lengthwise (so they are 'crossed'). Participants stand at each end of the noodles and grasp the ends. Level 1: swing noodles from left to right over surface of water. Level 2: push the noodles under the water and again swing from left to right. Variation: push/pull noodles towards participants. Again start on the surface then under water.

TRAIN! Two participants standing behind each other, facing same direction. One noodle at each side of their bodies, grasping them with hands. Travelling forward, arms make rotation motion. Have a race, pretend they are trains. Heaps of fun!

PUSH! Two participants, noodle behind their back. Leaning backwards, feet up, one kickboard between their feet. Kickboard is supposed to stay in between their feet so they have to work hard and push!

RACE! Two lines of participants. All having kickboard flat on surface of water. A plastic cup filled with water is placed on top of each kickboard. Have a race without spilling the water!

BALANCE! Have participants sit on a kickboard like they'd sit on a swing. Knees tucked under, let them find their balance first. Breaststroke arms travel forward, or scooping back water in travelling backwards.

SKATEBOARD! Have participants place kickboard under one foot (so kickboard is submerged). Let them balance first. Imagine they are on a skateboard and have them travel forward jumping on 1 foot. Change leg. WARNING! Be careful with this exercise as the kickboards tends to rocket out of the water fast with inexperienced participants and could hit someone. Make sure they find their balance first and then let them perform 1 hop at a time. Practice makes perfect! I would not recommend this move with older participants and always make sure there is enough space around participants for safety.

Any questions let me know.......Would love to hear from you with new ideas and suggestions for noodles and kickboards!

Cheers, Sandra

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From: Sydney, NSW (Australia)
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