Stomp For Joy

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Hey Steppers...Just worked this routine up last night at my YMCA while my daughter practiced her new gymnastics moves. I like it & hope you do, too!

Step is horizontal & each combination is self-reversing, so I do each through with right lead, then left lead.

Combo #1: right lead

Repeat all on left lead

Combo #2: right lead

** This may sound confusing but it's actually very easy - after you stomp 3x, you just step up like you're stomping again, but you do a front Kick Box type kick instead, going immmediately into a straddle, then kick with the other leg then off/off to the opposite side of bench - and do a jack to finish the count. Then you repeat on that side of the bench, stomping while moving backward instead of forward so when you go to opposite side of bench for the jack, you're in place for the next combo!

Combo #3: right lead

Repeat all on left lead

Combo #4: right lead

Repeat all on left lead

Combo #5: right lead

**YOU CAN DO AS MANY IN A ROW AS YOU WANT TO GIVE THEM A LEG BUSTER ROUTINE, but you can just do 4 of each (alternating for maximum effect) (=32 counts) & continue with the following pattern which is 32 counts on its own:

Repeat all on left lead

That's it! You can add any of your favorite 'final leg busters' or 'cardio busters' to the end of this like I usually do to make it whatever length you need. I got several emails after my first two submissions under the name 'Deenie' - and loved hearing from you. Let me know how you like this one. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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From: Downers Grove, Illinois (USA)
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