Happy Thanksgiving! (Sonia's #15)

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10528)

Hi TBBers! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! I worked this out while baking pies this morning! I hope it is as fun in class as it was in the kitchen.

The step is vertical. 32 counts and self-reversing. Begin on the left (SW) side with a right lead. Map directions are only for written purposes and correspond as follows to the step:

                   NW ******** NE
                      *      *
                      *      *
            West/Left *      * East/Right
                      *      *
                      *      *
                   SW *      * SE

Combo 1

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 2.

Combo 2

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 3.

Combo 3

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 4.

Combo 4

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 5.

Combo 5

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 1.

Notes & Choreography:

Combo 1
The L-step is done around the northeast (NE) corner and back again. Walk your exit so that you begin the traveling hamcurls with a right lead at the southeast corner (SE). Second hamcurl is at the northeast corner with a left lead, third hamcurl is at the southeast corner with a right lead. When you travel from the third curl you have your left side to the step and are facing front to start the next combo.

Combo 3
Zig zag: Three over the top moving forward.

Combo 4
Don't exit the step until after the Jazz Square. The glute squeezes, hop turns, and X-step all end in the straddle position. I call the two hop turns a "corkscrew." The first hop turn ends facing the back, the second one faces you front again.

Jazz square off: (1) Step up right, (2) cross the left in front of the right on top of the step, (3) right steps to floor on right side, (4) left taps down next to right.

Combo 5
Walk-away Joe: (1,2) Right lead, walk diagonally SW to NE, (3,4) keep walking diagonally on the floor right and left, (5,6) step forward right and pivot back to the step, (7,8) walk back to the step right and left. Repeat.

T-step: (1,2) up up, left, right, (3,4) straddle down left, right, (5,6) up up left, right, (7,8) off the south end left, right.

Email any questions or comments. You know I love to hear from you!

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