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I never have enough time to write down everything that I do in class, but here are some combos for you to use.

Combo #1 (32 counts)

Combo 1 does not self-reverse. I usually teach it on both sides first, then later put it with Combo 2 to make a 64 count combo.

Combo #2 (32 counts)

Combo 2 is self-reversing.

* Double tap- 2 quick taps on the board (2), 2 quick taps on floor(2).

**Backfire lunge- Up, up lunge 2 facing the back of the room, then exit to the front of the room. I usually teach it facing the front of the room first (up, up lunge 2, then exit), then give them the option to backfire it. Make sure that when you exit to the front of the room that you are turning in the same direction, like a full circle around the bench.

***V On and Off- V-step on top of the bench (4), then when you come off the bench, you have to face the back of the room, then do a V-step on the floor facing the back (4). The last two steps of the V on the floor should make you face the front of the room again.

****Hop 2- I do this like a jumprope with both feet hopping at same time. I teach this first as a march 2, then exit, so they get used to exiting on the correct foot.

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