Man Down...and counting!

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This is a great combination that I pieced together after seeing bits of it at the AFAA kickboxing certification.

*The Man-Down is a low punch with your right hand. Picture yourself in fighter's stance...your opponent is on the floor at your left ankle. It's time to finish him/her off so...grab him/her by the shirt collar (or hair if it helps your visual!) and hammer 4 quick punches into his/her chops. Keep your elbow in close and contract abs for a little forward flexion. He's not out yet so one quick ankle-level back kick should do the trick. I cue this a push with the heel so they're not tempted to kick high.

After spending a few minutes to break this down, we'll put it together with a HOOAY at the end during the kick. (you can also get in two claps during the reset at the end).

People really 'enjoy' plyo side lunges so I'll do intervals with these before transitioning to opposite lead on the combo. Options for plyo lunges: tap out to sides with jabs to front or regular side lunges with jabs.

Kick some butt...with safety cues

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