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This is a Step pattern from (pattern 10560)

Step is horizontal, with standard north, east, south, west orientation:

- reverse leads

- repeat or reverse leads for 32 counts

- reverse leads (move E)

- reverse leads (move E)
- once they have the basic combo, change the repeater to a reverse turn then squat facing E and repeat the combo on the other lead (L-step moving E)

*Alternating side legs (32 count)
- I've always done this by bringing the raised side leg down to the front (N) of the step (1-4). Do the other side leg by stepping BACKWARDS (move S whilst facing N) onto the bench and lifting the other side leg. Then simply step down in the standard fashion. I think this may be the same as something recently called "UFO"; check for further clarification. Also, as this is a BLIND move, provide the standard version first as the intermediate option and ONLY do this:
1. If your class is really advanced.
2. If there are adequate mirrors for your participants to SEE THEIR FEET!! (My class would never do this combo facing the rear of the studio, where there are no mirrors).

Split Basic: different from the site's definition of this (which I call a basic lunge). Just like a regular basic (e.g. right lead) except you put your left foot down on the front (N) side of the bench on count 4 (i.e. step off the front and straddle the bench, thus "splitting" the basic front and back).

Been busy as a Dr. and Mom, but thought I should submit again (been over a year), since I scan the site frequently for ideas. Remember to keep it exciting and fun AND safe! Cheers!

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From: Vancouver (Canada)
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