Easy Step & Strike

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So, here's an EASY Step & Strike routine which I pieced together during my 45 minute class last night. I had a format planned, but the whole class turned out to beginners and I had to think fast. Thanks to the browsing I did on this site yesterday, I pulled some ideas from the routines!!

All explanations are at the end:

Combo 1 - right lead

Combo 2 - left lead

Combo 3 - left lead

Combo 4 - left lead

(Now start the whole routine over from the X-step on the left lead.)

Combo 1 - X-step to me is one V-step on the bench, then one V-step on the floor, stepping back. When you shuffle up right, your right foot is forward traveling up as well as back, (the bench is to your left).

Combo 2 - All three kicks will be from the top center of the bench. Step up left and front kick with the right (1-2), side kick with the left (3-4), and front kick with the right (5-6), then step down-down (7-8). When you step up to do it again it'll be your right foot.

Combo 3 - The V-step is on the bench (1-4), tap your left toe out and in to the side (5-6), and side kick right (7-8). Repeat

Combo 4 - Teach a double knee (1-4) and march (5-8) first. Then add the back kicks. It will be double knee on the right corner (1-4), step down right kick back left leg (5-6), turn toward the left corner, step left foot kick back right leg (7-8). Now you'll be at the left corner, double knee, step kick turn kick.

Please email me if you don't understand and I'll try to explain. I have an additional piece that goes with Combo 4 if anyone is interested.


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