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This is just another way to use the sports moves we've all learned for aqua. It wouldn't work with a large group but anywhere from 3 to about 8 would be perfect. I make up a list of sports and athletic activities and take the sheet with me to class. The first student is asked to pick a sport. If their sport is on the list we have to do what I say; if it isn't they have to design a move for that sport as a group. To allow time for them to figure it out I have them do a move the length of the pool and back where they can face each other (such as crab sideways or side arm pull) and discuss what we'll do when they get back in. (You will probably have to give them a little help.) After we complete the move, it's the next student's turn. You can go around a few time based on how many you have.

They can get very creative and challenging. On my list are such activities as baseball, boxing, football, tennis, skating and even rugby (nobody has picked that one yet but I'm ready). Sports they've surprised me with are hockey, canoeing and dance. When the student picked dance she had given the class their choice between that and boxing. They voted on dance and since I didn't have that one on the list she wanted to do a jazz step I'd introduced once before and then someone added the "twist". It was a great way to end the sports segment of class.

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