Bill's FIRST - to his eternal shame!!

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 10192)

This is the warm-up pattern for my new step routine starting mid-October. I always stress that the warm-up is not wasted learning as we use the combination later in the main routine but LARGE IT!! So here it goes.......

Start on top of the board with a march (a little different already)

I teach the first 8, put them on hold and demo the next bit up to 32. Next I get them to march while I demo the next 32, we practice a few times then put it all together.

Keep the arms big - nice big arms we were taught in basic training!

You guessed - I like 64 count patterns. I use 64 count combinations invariably. This warm up pattern can be 'recycled' in the main routine by making the up taps up jumps, by jogging wide around the board rather than marching and by adding a skip hop on the grapevines. It sure gets the juices running even in cold Scotland.

Thanks to all who contribute patterns here - it is really great to be able to say that in Dundee or Arbroath tonight we may well be doing the same moves as in New York, Miami, Portugal etc, etc. I have used loads from the site but until tonight contributed nothing. Oh the shame!!!

Email me with any questions.

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From: Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Scotland (United Kingdom)
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