Fun Kickbox Drills

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 10205)

(1) Can have participants face the front or you could do in a big circle... Duck (Squat) / Right Push Kick Forward - Duck / Left Push Kick Forward - Repeat. I like to have them holler, so I tell them, "I say "Duck," you say "Kick." Then I holler "Duck," they holler "Kick" each time.

(2) Pure power drill... great because you don't even have to worry about staying on the beat or 8 count/32 count measure of the music. Have them do 1 front roundhouse kick then 4 quick alternating jab/cross, then 2 kicks with 4 alternating jab/cross then 3, etc. etc. as high as you want to go. We've done up to 10 kicks. Then have them do same leg counting down backwards. Repeat other leg. (If you progress up to ten kicks then count backward from ten on each leg, it turns out to be 110 kicks on each leg.)

You may want to do a lower intensity filler move in between to give your legs a little rest.

(3) Instructor will just either stay at the front facing the class for this or walk around while doing this drill. Have them stand in Muay Thai fighter stance, left foot forward for right handed people. Assign each punch and/or knee or kick a number... examples... 1=jab, 2=cross, 3=front hook, 4=back knee. Shout out combinations for them at a reasonable tempo... 1-2... 1-3... 2-4... etc. etc. The combinations are endless. Example, you could do 1-1-1-1 then you could say 1-2 faster to make the 1-2 a quick combo. Encourage them to punch/kick/knee hard as if they were in the ring. It's great fun, we always laugh when we do this!

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