Day Late and a Dollar Short

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Advanced, tapless, bench is horizontal

Last Tuesday I had a very bad cold when I taught my regular step class. I had been on vacation and so had missed 2 classes. I didn't go into work, but I wasn't going to miss my class no matter how awful I felt. It's a fairly new class for me, and attendance has been at 6 or 7. It's also at 5:30pm, so many have a hard time getting there. Wouldn't you know it, there must have been 18 people in class that day! It went so-so. My routine was basic, I was too ill to do anything too complicated. Just not one of my better efforts. So this Tuesday, I was feeling better and put together this routine, which totally rocked - and the 6 people in the room loved. You just can't win! Enjoy!

*Instead of taking a knee back to home position walk on the bench and then walk off.

**I think I explained this before, but all it entails is a 4-count shuffle in a semi-circle to the other side of the bench.

***Instead of lifting your leg for the third side leg, push off the floor to pivot backwards into a straddle. I cue is as a triple side leg but then yell Push Off when appropriate.

****This move can boggle some minds. Only one foot is ever on the bench during this move. Assuming right lead, step up right, then kick left, right, left - then step down with left foot. It's a nice way to change the lead foot, too.

*****Got this from a great, energetic instructor named Kim. Assuming right lead: run up on the bench right and left (1 and 2). Rock back on the right foot - to the floor - (3). Run, run on the bench left and right (4 and 5). Rock back on the left foot (6). Run, run on the bench right and left (7 and 8). Walk off (9 and 10) jack on the floor (11 and 12). Thanks, Kim!

******This is a tough one to explain. Instead of a glute lift at the corner, step up and pivot forward, beyond the bench. Then with the same foot, step back up and pivot back to the far corner. This puts you in position for a right-leading turnstep, assuming you started with the right lead. Thanks, Eileen!

*******Assuming right lead: Step up on the bench and jack once (4). Lunge back with right for 2 counts then do a knee lift with the same leg and hold for 2 counts (4). Three lunges at tempo - right, left, right (6). Walk off left then right (2).

Any questions, please email me!

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