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This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10226)

All combos are written as right lead and self-reversing. See additional teaching instructions for teaching progression that allows the beginning instructor to meet the needs of both the experienced and novice stepper while looking like a "seasoned" instructor.


* Reverse V-step: Left leg normally steps to left of bench, instead it steps to right corner. As it does, the body will naturally begin to turn. Step up with right foot to left side. Continue to turn 180 degrees to face the opposite wall (or original wall).

a-z = teaching progression. Do multiple sets of each progression until at least 80% of class is in step with minimal cuing.

a. Alternating hamstring travel (8) b. add step knee 2x to hamstring (16) c. omit 2nd step knee and replace with pivot hop (16) (repeats from back side) d. add repeater move following pivot hop and basic step 2x (32) Before moving to e. make sure you are facing front of room. e. As you do V-step, discribe how to do reverse V-step. Demonstrate 1-2 sets while participants continue to do traditional V-step, then cue them to join when ready. Cue 3 V-steps and 1 reverse. From back side, teach 3 V-steps and 1 reverse. When ready, break down to 1 V-step, 1 Reverse V. When mastered, go back to d. omit basic 2x and replace with V's. This will complete the combination. After each 32 counts you will be facing south and on an opposite lead.

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