Lisa's Side Attack

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I've been using everyone else's patterns for so long- I decided I owe you all one! So here's my first entrance. I teach "Cardio Kickboxing PLUS heavy bag work" all wrapped into an hour and 10 minute class. I became very bored with the simple bag patterns, so I pulled info from Self-Defense courses and came up with this side attack.

Stance: standing to left of bag- right side of body is closest to the bag


Repeat 8 x then repeat all on LEFT:

Repeat 8 x

I start by reviewing the proper form of the side kick, we then do 4 slow and 8 fast with a quick tap down in between. Next, we try the BLock HIGH, LOW and pivot our legs to add power to the block, after we try this 4-6 X we try the other arm- forearm block LOW, HIGH while pivoting our torso and knees. We now try the 1st parts together for 4 - 6 times. Last, we try the knee block, round kick high, knee block, round kick low 4 - 6 times. We then add it together and do the whole thing 8 times. We change feet when done and review all on left before putting it together. We do this combo for one whole song. I cue it like this:

Hope you enjoy this as well as feel it!! Enjoy- Lisa Marie Schue

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From: Racine, Wisconsin (USA)
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