More Ball,,, Burn ,Baby, Burn!

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Hello to everyone at Turnstep, you guys are great! More ball work! I have got a great one for the inner thigh, hamstring and glutes.

Lie flat on your back, put both feet on the top sides of the ball. "Not on top"! Dig the heels into the ball. Don't turn the knees in, keep them staight up. Lift the hips up off the floor, squeeze the glutes tight. When you lift up with the feet wide it incorporates the inner thigh. Have them focus on a small ball held between the knees don't drop the ball "small move" Don't set the hips down, unless you have to rest. I usually do 2 counts up and then 3 counts up 1 down, finish up with singles. Repeat if they can stand it....

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From: Mayslick, Kentucky (USA)
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