Bunch-of- Kicks

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10242)

Okay, this one can be done with the use of targeting (so your members will be keeping the target in the same place for each kick), or for a modified version, participants can just keep the body in a forward position, so the kicks would hit three different targets.

It's as simple as this: facing forward, step with the left foot toward the left, then the right foot (but still moving to your left, so the right foot would be behind the left now), then side kick left, back kick right, and then round kick left. Then, just start the eight counts over heading to your right.

What makes this combination especially challenging is for your members to keep correct form while executing each kick. If they're targeting, that back kick will be performed while they are a quarter turn right, since the target needs to be in the same place as the side kick. Then, it's important that they do a full pivot on the right foot, so that they can turn 180 degrees to execute the left round kick (and this is the one that really takes a lot of balance).

Again, make sure to demonstrate these 8 counts facing forward, so the side kick would go to your left, the back kick directly behind you, and the round kick forward (since you're making sure to pivot). Also, some people have a tendency to get dizzy, so the forward position can help alleviate that problem. The two steps even help out, so that they have time to prepare to kick to the other side.


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