Love that Double Vertical

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 10248)

   H       A
   O       W
   M       A
   e       Y 

Right lead starting outside of home bench.


Repeat leading left


right lead again; outside home

Repeat from top leading left; should finish outside home


Repeat block 3 leading left


Right lead again; outside home bench

Over the top away bench only 4 times; then begin block 4 on away bench

At the end there we go over the top to get our balance back before turning again. The entire combo works great from top leading right. After the class nails it leading right we take a break and do squats and lunges before doing the entire combo again this time leading left. Have fun!

** Inside Loop: You are inside the benches. Lead left on home bench and turn home; turn away leading left again.

***Jumprope back: Could be jog, or jacks back.

****U-turn: My term for a small turnstep. In this case leading left.

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From: Rochester, New York (USA)
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