Resist-A-Ball Glutes and Hams

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Lying face up on a mat, have the ball under the heels. Start with straight glute lifts (if there are those with problems with the lower back, they can keep the back on the floor and do pelvic tilts--will still work the glutes and hams). I usually just have them do about 16 of these (2 counts up and 2 counts down). Then, I have them hold the position up. This exercise is intended to work the lower back also, but again, remind the class they can do the pelvic tilt and demonstrate for them. Then, after holding for about 16-32 counts, they dig their heels into the ball and bring it toward the body (usually 4 counts in and 4 counts back out). Then, after about 8 reps (total 64 counts), they hold the up position again for 16-32 counts. Now, it's getting painful. Then, I have them position one leg on the center of the ball for good stability and balance and then lift the opposing leg toward the ceiling (2 counts up and 2 counts down). They will probably only be able to do about 8 of these, at the most. Then, we switch legs.

This is really difficult work and not for beginners. Remember, as always, that there are those who either have lower back problems or worry that they do. I always remind my class that we NEED to work the lower back to strengthen it, and we tend to do way more abdominal exercises and often ignore the lower back. Result: a weak lower back.

Hope all of this is easy to comprehend.

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