Weight Aqua Weight!

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10255)

Hi! I hope you have fun with this, if you don't have the hand bouys, this one works just as well....I use a mid tempo bpm, 134-148 or so.

Block one:

**I start with two sets if each, then do one set of each before moving to the next block**

Block two:

**I do the same as in block one, (2 sets each, one set, etc) then repeat blocks one and two**

Block three:

**Again, I do 2 sets, one set, then repeat blocks 1, 2, 3..**

Block four:

**Repeat as above, then blocks 1, 2, 3, 4...**

As I go through the exercises, sometimes we will take breaks between learning the next block and do fast intervals; For example, after I teach block one I may go back to knees and fast jog with arms out of the water. Any acceptable arm exercise where no joints are compromised are ok to do fast outside the water. Let them know it is optional! After block two we may hold the big kicks to the front for four extra sets, jusst to make the workout harder.

Another option is to go through each block and pick one of the exercises to do suspended. I do suspended ski's, back kicks, side knees, etc, just picking an exercise from each of the blocks that don't already include jumping and suspend them.

Hope you are able to use this, my class was beat after doing this one with the hand weights!

Happy Teaching : )

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