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Hi there guys! This is my second entry here. I teach at ladies'only fitness studio, and most of the time I do Verse-Chorus warm ups as they tend to be more inspiring for me...

This routine is an add on, self-reversing and the step is horizontal. Stand to your right side of the step (mirror image to you participants )so you start with your left!

                You              End of the step


Combo 1:

Start with grapevine over and back (going all the way to the end of the step) x4

Add on:

Leg curls on spot x8 to equal 32 counts. Add it on with the grapevine like this:

Repeat to equal 32 counts

Add on:

Step touch x 8 Put it together like this:

Repeat as grapevine back, leg curl, step touch on the other side

Add on:

Do alternating V-steps on the floor and some marches forward & back. The whole pattern looks like this:

This pattern is very easy to do. All we are doing is adding on so that we can do a combo on one side of the step, and repeat the same thing on the other side. Sometimes with grapevine + 3 leg curls I do L-shape leg curl, so I face away from the box. Makes it more interesting.

If you need some help with figuring out this pattern, do not hesitate to email me. I will catch you later!

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