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I have only recently found this site, so thanks to you all. Just a few little combos I like to do to make my class work hard.

*Kickski = Kick forward right leg x1 + Cross country ski x1. N.B The kick will always be on the same leg i.e. right, until you call a change.

*Kick/Tuck combo= Kick front x2 + 1/4 Tuck turn. Repeat facing each direction. Front, side, back, side until 360 degree turn. Repeat other direction.

*Ski combo= Cross country ski. 1st level
Ski with tuck in middle. 2nd level
Ski with arms still out the side, but legs powering as fast as they can. 3rd level
Ski Jump. Start with legs together, ski legs apart, land legs together. 4th level (hard going)

Do each level for as long as you wish. Straight after each other, or intervals returning to level 1 after each.

Keep the ideas rolling,

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From: N.S.W. (Australia)
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