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Part of our deep water workout this morning was this...

Have everyone hop on a noodle (straddle it)

This is your "horse"

Everyone lines up in the water at the side

When I yell "CHARGE!!!" everyone heads for the other end as fast as they can...

At the point of my choice I yell "HOLD"... and everyone hops of their horse and picks the noodle up over their heads while treading lady said she felt like a rainbow, another said she was the St. Louis Arch... =)

I make them hold this position for any amount of time (usually between 10 and 60 seconds)

Then have them hop back on their horses and yell "CHARGE!!!" in another direction...

We really had fun with this.

Also, you can have them line up at opposite ends and have them "CHARGE!!!" at each other meeting in the middle and holding.

Happy Treading...

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From: Louisville, Kentucky (USA)
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