Sylu stepping again!

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Hi you all!

This was my step-program for the last two weeks. It works great. I know it looks very difficult but it's not. Just print it and try it feet by feet you'll see that it looks more difficult than it is!!

Have fun!

and.... Q?? mail me!

1-32 same, left leg leads

* Start as a regular turn (1 2) straddle down (3 4) right on the bench, knee lift (5 6) exit at the short end of the bench

** Right on bench, left in front of right on bench, straddle down

*** Some call this a chug I think. Right on bench with a hop, left leg is "hanging" next to the bench (1 2) straddle down (3 4)

**** Bench is between your legs, right on bench (1), left on bench (2) you are now looking at the front of the room in a V position, exit (3 4) you are now in the same position you started

***** Right on bench (1) side leg left (2), switch leg on bench (3), switch again (4), switch again but do a double side leg (5 6) exit bench (7 8)

^ Right on the left corner of the bench and swing your hips to the front (1 2) put your right feet to the floor (3), left feet on the right corner of the bench and swing your hips to the front (4 5) put your left feet to the floor (6)

^^ Right on the left corner of the step and make the start of a reverse turn (1 2), right taps on the floor and make 3 knee lifts (3 4 5 6 7 8) exit bench (9 10)


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