Sonia's ABSolute Abs!

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 10282)

This ab workout should be done slowly and very controlled. I like to do it when I have plenty of time for abs and back work. I am not going to post a certain number of repetitions - you can determine that by your own classes level. You may not want to do all of this in the same class, but I hope this will give you some ideas.

Part A: Assume ususal supine abs position for A and B.

Part B: (the numbers here aren't necessarily your counts, but are the "steps" for this portion)

Part C, Obliques:

Lying on your side - all the way down with your arm under your head. Bottom leg is slightly bent for balance. Rest hand on floor to help you balance too.

Note: On moves two and three the bottom leg is in a slightly raised, stationary position. If you have beginners they may only be able to do part one and may need to keep the bottom leg on the floor.

Part D, Back work from a prone position. Do not tip the head back at any time!

Stretch: Keeping your hands under your shoulders (from the last position), slide back until your bottom is over your calves - it will stick up slightly! Slide just your body back - your arms will be stretched out in front of you. Hold, hold, hold. Slide forward along the mat until you are prone again, turn over, and you are ready to finish stretching!!!

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From: Texas (USA)
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