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This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10295)

Hi you all!

First a great thanks to all of you who contribute to this site. You are a great help to me! I hope I can help some of you with this pattern, its a short one.

* Step right to the side (1), side leg left (2) switch leg (3), switch again (4), switch into a double side leg (5 6), cross right behind left (7) left to the side on the ground (8)

** Right on left diagonal rock (like a mambo only push your hips to the front) (1 2), right to the side (3), left on right diagonal rock (4 5), left to the side (6), jump two feet together in the center (twice) (7 8)

*** Start like a V-step, right on diagonal (1), don't put your weight on the left foot when you put it on the floor but make a tap on the floor with left foot (in a V shape) and step back left, step back right then start on the left foot (if this is not clear you can mail !)

**** You are standing with your feet wide. Jump feet together, wide and together this only takes two counts (1 and 2) March for two counts on the place

Hope you understand the moves! If not....... mail me and I'll try to explain a little better.


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