Around the Bend

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 10299)

Hi again! Hope you enjoy sharing the patterns as much as I do!

Step is vertical.
I teach the first block as a warm up then eliminate it later in the pattern-

Warm up/Block one

(to up the intensity, after they learn this step and we are farther into the pattern, I do single side lunges, double side lunges then a 4 count lunge then exit the other side of the step)

After they get it, when you repeat the sequence you will be facing the back of the room

(you may want to eliminate any taps that you feel are unnecessary, sometimes I add them when I am teaching an inexperienced class or classes where students have trouble with quick transitions)

Block three:

Repeat from diagonal

(basically just for extra cardio)

Block four:

***Block four straddles can be done tapless, again, I add taps for students who have trouble with the steps and then remove them later

Well, hope that is not too confusing. It's short once you get to the end and repeat it a few times, but teaching it can extend the pattern considerably. My class was huffing and puffing when we were done because I added all those propulsion lunges...Good luck and happy teaching...Email with ?????

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From: Thompsons Station, Tennessee (USA)
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