The Circuit Breaker/ Making the Rounds

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Hi, This is an alternative to regular circuits between cardio (step, kickbox, hi/lo) intervals. By regular circuits, I am referring to 2-3 minute segments of muscle conditioning or 2-3 minute segments of ultra high intensity work, like plyometrics.

For "Making the rounds" instead of setting up 4-6 stations I set up an activity based on the number of students in the class. If I have 20 students I need 20 different activities. *Participants coming in late would make this dificult.

So, I have "20 activity stations" set up in an oval shape in the back of the gym (really need a large space). We do our 10 minutes of kickbox or whatever and then we go to the rounds. Each person starts on 1 station, 10 seconds and QUICKLY SWITCH!-Then, boom go right to the next activity (I count down) 10 seconds and switch. This is done until all stations have been done by everyone.

**This is very fast paced and exhausting (but time flies!)

***Activites can be jacks, plies, squats, tubing activities, whatever. Just set them up close to one another so they can be gone thru with ease. I just tape a piece of paper down with activity written.

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From: Parker, Colorado (USA)
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