Back Kick 'Em

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 10305)

This one involves turning, but you can also do the combination facing forward. It's quite simple: back kick left, punch right, front snap kick left, jump kick left. Then, you alternate, beginning the combination on the right. If the class is turning, keeping the target in the same place, then when they go to execute the punch, they pivot on the foot that has just come down to the floor from the back kick and so they're punching the back. Then, they just complete the two left kicks to that same target. Then, when the start the combination with the right leg, they're pivoting to their right on that same foot. And, if they don't want to turn (it can get dizzy), they can just back kick left, forward right jab, then the two left kicks.

Remind them to lean forward on the back kick with both hips down, and to rotate the hip forward when punching. Also, make sure on the front snap and jump kicks, they do not snap the knee but instead, kick from the hip with a slight pelvic tilt. This will work their lower abs and help prevent knee injury.

Let me know if you have questions!

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