Boot Camp Lunges

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Participants have dumbbells. The dumbbells are right by the ears, almost resting on the shoulders. Facing forward, lunge back on one leg, then bring that knee up, then extend it out, then bring it back in (still up though). Start the same leg again. Adding the arms (some may not want to, so show it first with the dumbbells up by the ears), the weights come straight down (elbows tucked in tight) as the back lunge is executed, then, then they come up toward the chest when the knee comes up (bicep curl with the palms facing one another), then extend the dumbbells forward on the leg extension, then right back in again when the knee comes back in.

I'd have them do about eight reps before switching legs. One modification would be to bring the foot down on the last move instead of keeping the knee up.

This exercise is great for hams, gluts, quads, hip flexors, biceps, triceps, deltoids, and abs (especially if you can get them to do a slight pelvic tilt on the leg extension).

This is great floor work, but especially good for a boot camp class since it incorporates so many muscle groups and is pretty tough.

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