Six-Kick-Attack Combo

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I add this combination to the end of other jab/kick combinations when all particpants are pumped and ready to kick some carbs at a higher intensity. I build this 6 kick attack combination of knee smashes, roundhouses, side kicks, reverse pivot side kicks, front kicks and hitch kicks starting from a neutral boxing stance which is going to move laterallly:

Cueing the combination (starting with right knee):
Knee, knee, knee-step side kick, round, reverse, right kick, hitch, "other direction!" knee, knee, knee-step side kick, round, reverse, left kick, hitch.

Teaching the combination:
I build this combination with drills as follows:

Step 1 is repeated 4 times to the right then step 6 - 4 times to the left, then 2 and 2 each direction, then 1 and 1 each direction.

Steps 2/7 and 3/8 are combined: Off a left lead stance and starting with the right leg - a ryhthym of round house, hold, reverse kick, hold (repeating at least 4 times then switching to a right lead for drilling the left leg roundhouse - right leg reverse pivot side kick).

Steps 4/9 and 5/10 are also combined (**after teaching hitch kicks see below). A right front kick followed by bringing the left knee up to complete a right hitch kick, repeated until the majority have it down.

In a pyramid teaching fashion, steps 2 and 3 are added to step 1 and then step 4 is added as the class proficiency increases. Once the lateral movement to the left has been reasonably accomplished, the lateral movement to the right starting with the left knee is begun.

**Right hitch kick is taught by drilling left knee smash (2) followed by right kick (2) then "now combine the 2", knee (1) - kick (1) (the hitch kick). The drill continues with knee (2), right (2), hitch (2), hold (2). The left hitch is then taught in identical fashion.

This is a solid 32 beat count combination and is best taught with driving 128 - 132 bpm music which aids in the technique. Once the learning curve is maxed, a 150 bpm song such as "Eye of the Tiger" is used to push the energy over the top. No dry clother remain in class at this point.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

*From Pattern #6948 4/16/00 my thanks to "oliviag75" of Montreal, Quebec.

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