Do The Wave!

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This idea actually just happened in class on day, and we've adopted it ever since. It's fun, easy, and works them! At the end, I congratulate them on the amount of power they have!

It's really easy, but the end result is that you end up with a big wave that travels from one end of the pool to the other. Sometimes we do this until some water actually comes up over the side! The general idea is to create a visible and much felt wave that travels the length of the pool. Generally, it won't work with really small classes, and of course it only works in shallow pools (chest high or so.)

Get the class to start this so that they are running the length of the pool, running towards you. Have them start it at least halfway back from the end you are at. All you do is get them to run (full speed!) towards you for eight counts (my music is at 128 bpm), and then run backwards in a football run for eight counts. You must keep the entire group doing the same thing, forward for eight and back for eight. After they run this forward/back for four to five times, you will easily see the water level changing (watch the far end). Point this out; it motivates them to run harder and faster. It will get to the point where the water will threaten to go over the side of the pool (I tell them to get my feet wet!). You will by this time see a definite wave running the length of the pool. The smaller the group, the longer it takes for the wave to form. After the wave (I stop the wave when the water just goes over the edge or just before that point), it's hilarious to watch them do anything stationary... when the wave comes, they all move a foot or so one way.. and then when it comes back.. they move a foot or so back. It's really amazing! My class thinks this is a real hoot, anyone new just can't believe that eight or more poeople can affect the water so much!

Have fun!

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