Powerhouse Legs

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10381)

Equipment needed: step/risers/exercise tubes with handles

This is a great workout for legs and one I've not seen used too often - my classes always love/hate it! :)

After your step class - make sure everyone has at least 1 set of risers under their steps.

Everyone needs an exercise tube - the long type with the handles on each end with the plastic cylinder handles.

Put the tube under the opening between the risers of your step. Scoot your butt all the way to one end of the bench. Pull your tube against the riser on that same end. With the tube coming around the outside of your ankles, push the handles down over the toes of your shoes -- the plastic cylinder going against the BOTTOM of your shoe. TELL YOUR CLASS TO PUSH IT DOWN AS FAR AS POSSIBLE so it won't slip off later. Make sure everyone has entire head supported on bench - tell them to scoot butts down further if they don't.

Now for the workout... You choose how many reps of each...use all or only 1 or 2 each class.

Lay down on your bench - pushing lower back flat - bringing legs straight up over hips, feet flexed. Hands can come inside the tube, slightly under the butt, to help with the pelvic tilt position.

Inner Thigh #1: Open & close your legs - 2 counts open/2 close - in a 'V' shape -- your typical inner thigh leg workout, but with the resistance of the tube. CLASS CUE: Stress that the feet & lower leg are just along for the ride - they have to picture their INNER THIGH doing all the work on the pull together part. Abs tight too!

Inner Thigh #2: Open 1 count (smaller movement) - close 1 count, crisscrossing the right leg in front of the left. Repeat, this time left leg crossing in front of right - so it's a scissor move. CLASS CUE: SQUEEZE with inner thigh as ankles cross. Breath!

Inner Thigh #3: Bend legs at knee - right angle position. Do same move as Inner Thigh #1. You'll be amazed how much more you feel it with a bent leg position! CLASS CUE: Don't let feet get too low or it's too much lower back pressure. You should see tops of shoes over your knees!

Quadricep (Top of Thigh): With legs at a slight angle, such as shoes pointing at spot where wall & ceiling meet, feet flexed, alternately push heel toward ceiling - sort of a bicycling move, but less circular in motion. It's an extension. Push right/left/right/left etc. Then push both at same time for several reps.

That's all for now!!
There's plenty more moves you can come up with once you've gotten these. Always suggest the easy level tubes for those who aren't used to this kind of leg work. You want your class to be able to walk the next day!! Enjoy! d.

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