Goodbye AB's

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 10390)

I teach deep water aerobics and tell everyone to GO WATER!

For an ab burner combo try this....

Begin with Torture Scissors. (slow wide scissors that come up on the cross in 4 counts then lower in 4 counts) Do 4 sets up then hold and repeat 2x

8-10 Recliners (begin vertical, tuck knees to chest, turn body onto surface and extend legs out, tuck knees back into chest, turn body back to vertical and extend legs down, repeat...tuck, turn, extend out, tuck, turn extend down, repeat....)

Do 8-10 sets Shoot Throughs (begin vertical, tuck knees to chest then 'shoot through' both feet in front of you, tuck knees and 'shoot through' both feet behind)

Do 8-10 sets of Side-to-Side Shoot Throughs.

Windshield Wipers for 32 counts. (stick toes out of water, letting bottom drop and twist at hips)

8-10 Lazy Boy. (same as recliner except on surface extension let legs fall to bottom bringing body back to vertical position to repeat...tuck, turn, extend, drop, tuck, turn, extend, drop...)

Double Knee Crunches on surface of water, 32 counts

Side to Side Knee Crunches, 32 counts

Agitator 32 counts. (in vertical position, cross feet and twist body as a washer agitator - great stretcher)

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From: Pennsylvania (USA)
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