Sonia's "Talk To Me" Abs

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 10395)

Reps are just suggestions. Adjust as needed. Same thing with the counts. I don't worry too much about 32's on ab and floor work. Control is the key, so keep the bpms in a reasonable range or even shut the music off. Sometimes my class enjoys the quiet or just some soft background type music.

Part 1:

Begin in the sitting position with feet on the floor and knees up. The toes can be up or feet can be flat - whatever is comfortable. Arms can be out in front of you at shoulder height, crossed over your chest, or one hand on the side of each thigh (beginners) for support. Back is straight, don't round it or bend from the waist.

8X Roll back in 4 controlled counts. Stop just before your waist would touch the floor. If your feet start to pull up you need to stop at that point. Hold for 4 counts. Roll back up in 4 controlled counts coming forward almost to the knees. Release and inhale in preparation for the next roll down.

Part 2:

From the sitting position roll down until just your shoulder blades clear the floor. Lower the chin slightly. Arms are straight out from the shoulders or crossed over your chest. Your torso is in a slightly "C" shape. Do the teeny, tiniest pulses you can do. You can barely see the body moving! Do 32, 48, 64 or whatever your class can handle.

Part 3:

Roll completely to the floor! Do as many as your class needs. Beginners may need to just do the pelvic tilts.

8X Pelvic tilts. Head is down. Contract the abdominals until the pelvic bones tilt upward. Hold for 4 counts. I tell them this move is like lying on the floor trying to zip up those tight jeans. Haha.

8X Reverse crunch. Head is down. Legs are all the way up or at 90 degrees. Cross at the ankles. Make sure the students are not swinging their legs. This should be the same ab motion as the pelvic tilt with the added weight of the extended legs. The head may be lifted and held steady (not crunching up/down) also.

8X Double crunches (upper and lower body together).

Email any questions. My class loves these and I hope yours will too!

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From: Texas (USA)
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