Hard one for the megabeast, improved and broken up...

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10052)

Hi. I rewrote the pattern and broke it down. Here goes..for any explanations see pattern #9727.

NB- *16 means block filler for 16 counts eg, 4 x knees, 4 basics etc

1. Flick kick cha cha cha rock back

2. Gallop straddle x 2

NOW do 1.c + *16, 2.d +*16 (do a block filler that will get you to end the combo on the other leg)

NOW do 1.a + gallop straddle x 2 (8) + 2 single alternating knees (32)
(this allows you to do it both sides, repeat if needed)

3. Back to gallop straddle x 2 + spin

NOW 1.c + *(16, + 3.c +*16 (block filler needs to be so that end up on other leg)

NOW do 1.c + 3.c (no block filler)

Explain that there is a change coming and cue them through it

NOW do:



5. Chasse x 2 + stomp + quick over the top

(NB order since #9727 printed has changed)

NOW do 4.b + *16, 5.f + *16

NOW do 4.b + 5.f (no block filler)

Explain a change is coming and cue them through it


(repeat as needed)


Repeat as needed

Now do the above two blocks without block fillers (and you have done it right if you end up on the same leg). Did it on purpose as usually in my moves class there is only time for 2 blocks, thus one needs to be self-reversing and the other does not.

I tend to demo part b whilst the class is doing part a, and get them to join in when they feel comfortable, this way the class really flows.

Refer to #9727 if required for move explanations (remember it is in a slightly different order). Have fun, hopefully if you've studied brain surgery you can figure it out ha ha!!!! Email if you need to!!

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