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Hey everybody, step is vertical, all combos 32 and self-reverse. Hi Terri Kennedy and Nanette!

*Explanations: U-turn, also called turn-straddle-turn

I-step, also called up-jack, down-jack, your bench is horizontal with respect to your body

Stomp-straddle, etc. : facing back wall, stomp rightt foot on bench, on floor, on bench, and chacha to change lead

Repeat left

* V-step hangovers: facing front with bench on your right side, do a V-step with right foot on bench, left on floor

Knee-straddle-mambo: from right side of bench, knee lift, straddle, left mambo

Knee walk-it back: Knee lift, walk backwards, other knee lift, walk forward

Repeat left

Repeat left

* On the knee exit, quarter turn your body to the left so that you face the step.

Repeat left

There's more, but I'm going to be late for class. Bye!

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