MBFs first step

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10071)

All are 32 count, this is my first submission and I am new instructor so hope everyone gets it, I have gotten so much from turnstep, thanks !

Combo 1

Repeat left

Combo 2

Repeat left

Combo 3

Repeat left

I like the following combo for power and balance move, it works well at step bpms or slow it down for intensity:

* Split V or W is: right lead V-step up and stay on bench, lunge right lunge left and exit, arms are : right arm up with right lunge left arm with left lunge

** Turnstep with 2 knees ; right lead, right foot up on bench, left knee up and turn, left foot down on bench, right knee up and exit....

*** shuffle straddle: on right lead shuffle up straddle down exit right, left foot on bench shuffle backwards, straddle down

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