Kat #6 ~ Fun Floor

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10066)

Combo 1

Repeat left lead

Combo 2

Combo 3

Combo 4

Repeat left

Combo 5*

Repeat the entire routine

I use Dynamix Instrumentally Yours. I have tried this in left lead after learning the routine but they have gotten used to the right lead and mess up pretty bad so you have to give good directions on the turns.

*As an option to Combo 5

*Tapping right & left towards the front of the room, stop somewhere up there and hold the tap, telling the class that when you count down they will face the left side of the room and lunge right leg only, no bouncing on support leg then you'll count down again and freeze that right knee in the air. Make sure they stay squatted and not straight (locked knee) on the supporting leg. I feel like a stork doing this but it's a great isometric hold! March them back to their starting position and repeat the entire routine. when you come off the double grapevine and 4 steps have them tap LEFT and right so you can do the stork thing next. This way you stretch out your routine for interest.

**Hustle ~ walk forward right, left, right, left knee (instead of a tap). Go forward again on left lead and right knee. Repeat pattern walking backwards. I cue it as walk forward 1,2,3, knee up. You have to warn the class ahead of time while finishing the grapevine in a box about facing the front for the hustle.

**Double grapevine ~ grapevine right, turn right & face the back wall, grapevine left.

**Tick Tock ~ standing on left leg swing the right leg out and reverse legs while hopping on supporting foot. For low impact remain at tapping right and left.

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