Crescent kick killer

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Not sure if everyone is familiar with crescent kicks, but there is the inner-out crescent kick, which entails the knee coming up across the midline of the body, then the leg extends and swings around, so that the outside of the foot hits the imaginary target (or bag). The outer-inner crescent is just the opposite. The leg extends away from the body and then swings inward, so that the inside of the foot hits the target. The outer-inner is usually more difficult for people, but it's a great inner and outer thigh workout.

With that said, this combination works great, because it's a great workout for the lower body and it alternates--beginning with one side and after the first eight counts, it starts on the opposite leg. After having done each of the kicks with various upper body moves and knee strikes (rehearsal effect), I have class members inner-outer crescent kick with the right leg and then bring it back around (same leg) for an outer-inner crescent kick, then add a left knee strike and a right hook. Then, we begin the eight counts with the left inner-outer crescent kick.

In short, it goes like this: right inner-outer crescent kick (1,2), right outer-inner crescent kick (3,4), left knee strike (5, 6), right hook (7,8). Just remind the class that the grounded foot is always angled away from the kicking foot, regardless of which crescent kick they are executing. I also have to remind members to keep the fists in front, at chin level with the elbows tucked in. Otherwise, their arms go all over the place.

Good Luck!!

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From: Bloomington, Illinois (USA)
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