Sonia's ABC's of Step (Routine P)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 10087)

32 count, self-reversing, vertical routine. Begin with your right side to the step at the SW corner. Notes and choreography follow.

            NW ****** NE
               *    *
West/left side *    * East/right side
               *    *
               *    *
            SW ****** SE

Combo 1

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 2.

Combo 2

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 3.

Combo 3

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 4.

Combo 4

Repeat with a left lead or go to Combo 5.

Combo 5

Repeat with a left lead or go back to combo 1.

Combo 4:

*Walk-away Joe: (1,2) diagonal walk SW to NE, (3,4) keep walking diagonally on the floor right and left, (5,6) step forward right and pivot 180, (you are now looking at the step again), (7,8) walk back to the step right and left. Repeat to take you back to start.

Note: After the U-turn you will be facing back.

**Fly forward: (1) step up left, (2) pivot forward around the narrow end with your right leg low and straight, (4) step down right and tap down left. You are now on the east side of the step facing front.

Combo 5:

Note: You are facing back after the marches. The over the tops are done at the north/front end of the step facing back.

***Combo repeater: Do a knee lift, an abductor, and a hamstring curl in repeater style.

Email any questions, comments or suggestions! Have fun.

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From: Texas (USA)
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