Partners in Pain

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I'm not sure if this has been posted here before, but I find it to be a great leg workout. It is especially helpful when you don't have the luxery of dumbbells or other equipment. No equipment is needed for this.

Instruct your class to get a partner, have them line up at one end of the room. It's preferrable to have them on the end that would have them traveling the longest distance so if the room isn't square line up on the short end. Partner 1 gets in postion to do a wall sit, Partner 2 stands in front of them and waits for me to say "Go"! When I start them Partner 1 does a wall sit while Partner 2 does walking lunges the length of the room. This will vary depending on room size, sometimes I have them lunge the whole way down and back and sometimes I have them walking lunge down and run back (if your room is very large). Partner 2 tags Partner 1's hand and they switch jobs Partner 1 lunging and Partner 2 wall sitting. I usually have them do this 2 sets.

What's great about this is that the partner's really cheer each other on out of competition and of course the pain of sitting in the wall sit position. I always hear groans when I bring up this drill!

A good variation for K-box class have them lunge front kick instead of just walking lunge.

I hope this is fun for someones class!

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