The Ultimate Push-up and Core Body Move

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Have participants assemble their steps in a vertical position with three risers stacked on each side. Place the step platform on top to form a flat base. Take a 12-pound Body Bar and place it horizontally on the vertically facing step, one-third of the way down from the top. Cue participants that they are about to do a core strengthening exercise that will not only work their upper body more efficiently than a straight-legged push up does, but this move will also require their core muscles to contract considerably more... In other words, they are training their core muscles in this exercise as they stabilize themselves to complete the designated number of reps and sets. Remember, the core muscles are comprised of the rectus abdominus as well as the internal and external obliques. External obliques, if you examine an anatomy chart, are also located posterior (in the back). To get back to positioning yourself for the move: Once you get the body bar in position, lean forward over the step and take a little wider than shoulder-width grip of the Body Bar. (The original Body bar is made of steel, so it will NOT break!) Walk your legs back so that you are up on your toes. The position you are resembling is a push-up position, in case you need a better visual. Watch in the mirror so that the start position is with toes on floor, heels up, and grip a bit wider than shoulder width apart on the bar. As they lower their bodies closer to the step, their elbows will go out to the sides. This is correct. Cue participants 2 counts down lowering their hips towards the step, and then pushing up to a count of 2. Have them start with 8 reps. Always look in mirror to make sure neutral position is maintained! Careful NOT to raise glutes in the air. This is the number one thing I see new participants doing wrong on this exercise... When done properly, the head, shoulders, and glutes are in neutral alignment. Watch your participants as they do this move, so that they can be corrected if need be. Be certain to practice it yourself before you have the class do it, as you are the model. Even if you can only do this 4X, you can get up from it, and walk around the room to help others with their form. Your goal is 3 sets of 8-10 reps. (In between the sets of Ultimate Push-Ups, I have my class do Body bar bicep curls, 1 set of 12 reps. Then they put the bar back down on the top of the step and go again.) Enjoy! Work 'em to get hard bodies! ... God bless the USA. Linda in Louisville

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