Kauai - Resist A Ball Cardio

This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10107)

There was a request for cardio ball patterns so here are a couple of simple ones I use in the weekly class I teach which is about 1/4 cardio, 1/4 abs and then the last half is stretching with the ball. I understand from Stephanie Morris of Resist A Ball that new programs will be available for the ball next month, if anyone wants more information please contact me.

Seated Cardio Ball

Bounce up off the ball (emphasis on the lift up pressing from your heels don't come down too hard - I usually inflate the balls a bit more for this type of work) and shrug your shoulders continue bouncing and roll your shoulders back then do a back stroke one arm at a time while you are bouncing (kick box punching arms work well with this too if that style works for you)

Still bouncing - alternate front delt raises then reach up single arm over head hula hip: while single arm is reaching up over head stick out the hip on the same side, opposing arm can be used to keep the ball under you tempo ski: just like snow skiing imagine poles in your hands, both feet hop to one side knees turn to the oppostive side of where you are hopping (this is off Stephanie Morris' video) full ski: seated roll all the way across the ball, stand and reach to the ceiling with your outside arm (also off Stephanie's video)

Standing cardio:

This is relatively simple choeography - steps like mambos, box steps, grapevines work great with this too - I highly recommend the video I've referred to, feel free to contact me with any questions.

I'm waving across the ocean to Jean, Moe and Mel as this nightmarish week for American's draws to an end.

Aloha, Petrina

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