Ball Instructors UNITE!!! Seated Ball Cardio.

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Listen up, instructors: I'm only sharing some of my ball ideas on the agreement that everyone else out there with ball ideas does the same. It's real tough coming up with new things to do on the ball, whether it's cardio or resistance... I teach 3-ish ball classes a week, some include ball cardio and some are just toning classes. I've tapped all my ball resources and need some new ideas!! So c'mon... help out! The ball is a wicked fitness tool that won't be going away anytime soon...

SEATED Ball Cardio...

I don't usually do many "patterns" when doing seated ball cardio. I find that it is too difficult to get folks to try to stay with the music.

I generally do just a few series' of movements... some examples:

Move #1

A BOUNCE-touch is just like a step-touch only you are seated on a ball, and you are bouncing... So you bounce down, up-TOUCH; down, up-TOUCH... You do the "touch" phase of the move as you are rocketing skyward on the way "up" from the bounce...

[Yeowch... I can tell already this ball cardio is going to be hard to explain.]

BOUNCE-knees and BOUNCE-kicks employ the same principle: down, up-KICK; down, up-KICK. If you really REALLY have to stay with the music, you can hold the KICK or KNEE for an extra count (makes it burn a little more).

So the full 4-count would be:

  • Down (1)
  • Up (2)
  • Kick + hold (3-4)
  • Move #2

    A 3-count shuffle and a knee-hold (or kick-hold).

    Seated, quickly shuffle to the right for 3 counts, then stand up and raise the LEFT knee (or kick left). You'll have to keep your LEFT hand on the ball to spot it and ensure it's beside you so you can sit right back down on it to shuffle left.

    I find that this gets the heart rate way up, which is tricky in seated ball cardio...

    Move #3

    Tae-Bo on the ball

    Seated on the ball, throw some Tae-Bo-style punches in the mix. Remember: Tae-Bo-style punches invlove a big rotation and power through the hips.

    I'm not even going to attempt to explain this further. I think y'all can figger it out...

    Even though it's really hard to explain, please DO share some of your ball ideas!!

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