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Hello shoulders, core and upper back!
Aerobics usually involves mindles flapping of the arms, but not when you're holding a big ball in your hands!!

Standing ball cardio - with the ball in your hands - activates a lot of often-ignored muscles. The ball is not terribly heavy, but it's a lot more resistance than we're used to dealing with in an aerobics class. Plus, the ball is big and cumbersome, and generates a lot of force as you whip it around - so your core is constantly tight to keep your spine in alignment as these forces attempt to throw you out of whack...

After a few minutes, the ball IS pretty heavy...

Use very simple lo-impact aerobics patterns and make them instantly hard by adding big arm movements. Keep the music slower than you would normally for a Hi-Lo class.

I'll number the leg movements first, then add the corresponding arm movements...

Pattern #1

Then... we add the arms (get ready... this might sound tricky)

1a. Half-figure-eight (sideways 'S' - move the ball 'up-down' in a smooth, rolling motion...)

1b. "Swoosh" arms (big Nike-type swoosh from the low-end of the half-fig-8, adcross body and way up to the sky - am I making sense????)

2. High arc overhead (with ball overhead, arc it over to the side opposite of the abducting leg - this should feel somewhat natural).

3. "Bang-bang" (with elbows tucked in at waist, twist through the waist sharply to point the ball towards the moving foot - YOUR BODY WILL MOVE THIS WAY ON ITS OWN IF YOU HAVE YOUR ARMS TUCKED IN TIGHT AT THE SIDES - the trick is to keep it tight through the obliques as the forces generated by the ball try to get you to twist out of control). I say "bang-bang" because your torso is supposed to move very sharply, and in my mind, this is a good visual cue...

4. Chest-level arc (hold ball at chest height, squeeze handds toward each other for some pec focus, and arc the ball side to side).

To recap, arms go as follows:

I usually teach them the easy pattern without the ball, then give them the arm options piece by piece...

I was going to post more, but that was just WAY too draining.

The thing with these arm-movements is they really do flow from one position to the next...

Try it out real slow and see what I mean.

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