Kauai - End of Summer Low Impact

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10124)

Some of the choreography is from World Idea, some is borrowed from here and intermingled - I am still incorporating work segments.

(I teach this segment by segment and then put it all together)
Repeat left lead

Work: hold out out in in on the spot 8 right lead, 8 left lead get low on this movement. When/if desired add a power hop on the in in

"L" step right lead (4 step and ham curl turning towards the R) x1 step curl turning to the right, hold it there for 3 strong step touches Grapevine right and left (this one can become a twirl) and march or hop on the spot for 8 counts do this left lead which will have you end up facing the front

Work: hold hop or jumprope or strong march

Right lead walk front, shuffle right, walk back left lead and shuffle left. Repeat 2 - 4 x's

Work: heels front/side alternate - add power and travel

Squat on the spot becomes a stork squat - 1 knee comes up as you squat do 8 reps on each side small range of motion

As I repeat the choreography sometimes I leave out the work segments and focus on the dance aspect and sometimes I do all the work segments together to really raise the old heart rate.

In the wake of last week's horrible tragedy in NY we need to remember that we provide an important service in the fitness business by helping our students/clients cope better by making exercise a part of their lives.

Hope this is useable to someone out there - big hi's to Moe, Mele, and Jean!

Aloha, Petrina

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