Leslie L's 9/15/01

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10137)

Some of these moves are similar to my last submittal. I generally move things around, and add new combos so some are familiar and some are new to my class.

Horizontal step

I will change lead leg on each combo, though each is self-reversing.






(On count 8, you will be up on your step facing west- Repeater is step,knee, lunge, knee (1,2,3,4,) down down, left, right turning to the other corner, (5,6) and up left, up right, (7,8) Step down left on 1, down wide right on 2, facing the front mambo left 3,4 5, and right 6,7,8)



Repeat all from #1 starting left lead

It is always hard to know how much explanation to put in, since I have covered most of these moves in previous routines. I was more wordy this time since the moves where you are going around the bench can get pretty confusing. This routine is really smooth, and my class really likes it. Please email me with any questions.

**You can put 1,2 and 3 together easily. To make it a bit harder, in #3. after the corner curls and sole touch straddle, sole touch exit off the front, you can put the kick up walk back in right there-you will be facing the back of the room. You can either start #1 again on the left leg, or go right to #4 facing the back for the cha cha cha, on the cross the step, you hop turn across, that gets you back to facing the front for the cross, squat move.

Have fun!

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