some more resist a ball for ya

This is a Ball pattern from (pattern 10138)

Sit with legs outstetched in front of you, holding ball straight out to the front with long straight arms. Lean slightly back. Turn to one side slowly, then back to center, then to other side. Keep abs stabilized and pulled in. Try for at least eight rotations to each side.

Lay down on your back. Ball is held by long arms on the floor overhead. Bend knees with feet flat on the floor. Now bring one knee up to a right angle as you lift the ball up towards the knee without twisting. You can alternate sides or do one at a time.

Lay down on back with one knee bent and one leg outstretched up, so that the foot faces the ceiling, forming a right angle to body. Hold the ball up in front at shoulder level facing the ceiling. (as in a chest press outstretched position) Now take the ball overhead behind head towards the floor as you simultaneously take the leg down close to the floor. Do 8 - 12 reps on each side.

Stand with ball in front of you, hinge from the hips and take ball to one side as you let move the ball with one hand. Turn the opposite shoulder in and look up towards the ceiling. This is a nice shoulder and upper back stretch. It kinda looks like the old time aerobics "windmills". (I am showing my age, lol)

Sit on the ball and lift one leg slightly off the floor along with ooposite arm reaching up. Now hold. Then extend leg and bend and strighten. You will feel your core contract. Repeat on other side.

Hope these ideas help you. If I can clarify anything, email me. Its harder to describe then it looks. I appreciate all you regular posters out there!!!

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