Tubing with partners

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10150)

Here are a couple of exercises you can do with partners using resistance tubes.

Have your people choose a partner and get them to link their tubes together in the middle and then face each other, standing far enough apart so that there's no slack in the tubes. Keeping arms close to their bodies, have them pull the handles back, taking the elbows as far back as possible and feeling the shoulder blades squeeze together. These can be done for single counts, then slow them down to a count of 2, then slower for a count of 4. You can also do a triple pulse rhythm. This works upper back.

Then have them turn around with their backs to each other and do the same kind of thing for the pecs. First they can press the arms forward for single counts (palms facing in), then slowing down to counts of 2, then 4. After a while of doing counts of 4, have them take the arms wide for 4, then narrow for 4, turning the pinkies towards each other on the narrow part and rotating them back down on the way out. After a while you can add small criss-crossing moves in front of the chest each time you bring the handles in.

For both of the above, you can increase the intensity by having the partners move slightly further away from each other, then going through the sequence again.

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