Twist and shout !

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Hi everyone !!

I've been using your great ideas about some time now and I thought it's about time that I added some patterns of my own. Hope you can use it !


When the class gets this, teach the following change in the last 2 counts: Instead of putting your feet back together again, stay shoulder width apart and twist right and left (twisting on the balls of your feet!! Don't lock the knees !!)


You've changed leading legs automatically now, so repeat combo starting with V-step left

Put some attitude in the twists, go low bending yout knees way down !! Just make sure your participants have their feet really wide and cue the twist lifting heels and twisting on the balls of their feet.

My class really loved this one, I used it as the first combo, it's real easy and fun and gets them going and loosen up! Beginners can do the V-steps without the quarters turns, just make sure they twist on the last 2 counts.

Shake that booty !!

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From: Hasselt (Belgium)
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