Class Within a Class

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Explain to the students that each cardio move in this class will have 3 segments to it just like class always has the segments of warmup, cardio and stretch. The first segment of the move will be at a regular tempo, about a 6 out of 10 intensity. The second segment will be fast or suspended and the hardest work, about an 8 out of 10. The final segment relies on lengthening and good range of motion but the intensity goes down to about a 3 or 4 out of 10. Also explain that all of these segments are necessary for good fitness.

These are some of the moves you can use but I'm sure you can think of more. Determine how long you will do each segment based on the condition of your class:

Jacks - 1st segment regular jacks, 2nd power jacks or suspended, 3rd concentrates on stretching the inner thigh, stay low in the water and get really wide with the legs

Ski - 1st segment regular ski with sliced hands, 2nd power ski or suspended ski with cupped hands, 3rd concentrates on stetching the hip flexors and the whole upper leg, stay low in the water and get really long with the legs and arms

Hamstring curl - 1st segment regular curl with biceps and triceps arms, 2nd faster pace or suspended hamstring curl, 3rd stay low in the water and pull the heel all the way up to the rear, the arms lengthen all the way

Kicks - 1st segment regular kicks, not too high, 2nd high kicks or suspended kicks, 3rd stay low in the water and keep the leg as straight as possible

Twist - 1st segment regular twist, 2nd power twist with a tuck off the bottom at fast pace, 3rd get low, slow down and try to turn a little further to the back wall

By now I think you understand how each move is being broken down. This is a form of interval work but not hard enough to do for the whole cardio of some classes. In that case, I would do some really hard interval work following this or perhaps do a deep water race for the competitors. Have them go into cool down with their heart pumping and they will have enjoyed the "Class Within a Class" part more.

If anyone thinks of some great moves to use for this, please email.

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